Buzzfeed has just announced the ‘19 Best Pizza Places to Eat in the USA’’. It couldn’t have come at a better time as I am going to be spending most my time in America in 2016 and I now have some pizza inspiration to find the Best Pizza USA. This is the type of thing that gives me that excitement to get travelling and taste some amazing pizza.

Like I have mentioned before – I love lists; especially lists that inspire me or that I can actually can tick off. Out of the 19 places listed, I have been to 6 of them and I have to totally agree with the places Buzzfeed chose.

In my mission to eat the best pizza in the USA, I have been to:

  • Serious Pie – Seattle
  • Lombardi’s – New York
  • Tony’s – San Francisco
  • Sizzle Pie – Portland
  • Grimaldis – Brooklyn
  • Artichoke – New York


From the list I wouldn’t be too fussed about visiting Milwaukee. I have no problem with putting non-traditional toppings on pizza, but I have never been a big Mac n Cheese lover so I’d take a pass on that one. I am also not convinced about Little Vincents with their cold cheese on top of a pizza slice. Hmmm strange. However, I need to get my fat pizza ass to Chicago, as all of those there look truly spectacular. There is something about charred pepperoni and crispy caramelized cheese on a deep dish that gets me really going.


Here is the complete list below. If you think they missed some of the classic US pizza shops, I would love to know so that I can add them to my 2016 Pizza Tour of the USA.




  1. Giordano’s— Chicago


Best pizza usa


  1. Grimaldi’s— Brooklyn, NY


best pizza usa



  1. Ian’s Pizza— Milwaukee


best pizza usa



  1. Frank Pepe’s— New Haven, Connecticut


best pizza usa



  1. Serious Pie— Seattle


best pizza usa



  1. Lou Malnati’s— Chicago


best pizza usa



  1. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza— New York City


best pizza usa

Best Pizza in New York



  1. Via 313— Austin





  1. We, The Pizza— Washington D.C.


we the pizza washington



  1. BAR— New Haven, Connecticut





  1. Little Vincent’s— Long Island, New York





  1. Piecasso— Stowe, Vermont


piecasso vermont



  1. Pequod’s— Chicago


pequods chicagos



  1. Imo’s— St. Louis


Imos 004



  1. Tony’s— San Francisco

tonys san francisco



  1. L&B Spumoni Gardens— Brooklyn, NY


l&b spumonis


  1. The Backspace— Austin, TX


the backspace austin


  1. Sizzle Pie— Portland, OR


sizzle pie portland


  1. Lombardi’s— New York City


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  • Sadly We have just seen images but have never tasted the great NY pizza shops you listed. We are based in Las Vegas so if you get out here try Pizza Rock and Metro pizza. I promise you will not be disappointed. Great pizza blog, keep going.

  • melindawelch

    So Ian’s in Milwaukee is also in Chicago…it has just been renamed to Dimo’s but it is the same pizza 🙂 Also in Chicago check out Homeslice…you’ll get an awesome picture there as well, there is a sweet patio with a Chicago sign. And Spaccanapoli for some Naples style pie. Lived and ate my way through Chicago for 8 years, now in Liverpool, will have to check out your recco here.