4 Simple Steps to Stay Fit Whilst Travelling



The main reason I do like to stay fit whilst travelling is because I actually really enjoy it. People may find that crazy; but I love pushing myself, I love feeling healthy and I love the feeling after a workout knowing that I have built up a great appetite for some great food.


Costco Pizza Slice


A have had a load of questions asking how I stay fit and healthy whilst eating so much pizza whilst I travel. I even had 90’s English Saturday Morning Kids TV star Andi Peters pop up asking me.

How do you stay so fit, whilst eating all that pizza?

I decided to put together a quick guide to how I manage to stay fit whilst travelling, but can continue eating all the amazing food (and pizza) from around the world.




Like most people who travel for long periods of time, we don’t have the luxury of fancy hotel gyms or being able to afford one off visits to pricey gyms. So it’s all about the cheap options and in my opinion these are the most efficient ways to see a new place, whilst also not be a fatty.



I love to run when I am in a new city. It’s the perfect way to take in as much of a city as you can and totally 100% beats running on a treadmill. You get to see, smell and explore more of the city; and that’s what it is all about.


If I am in a beautiful city for a few days, I cant wait to get on google maps and look for what could be the best route to go for a run. I mainly look for a reasonable distanced loop or a long straight road where I know I can run a couple of miles one way and then just turn around and run back to my hotel or hostel. Priority is not to get lost or killed.


I try and plan the run so that I can run along a beach, or marina, or park, or nice landmark. It just distracts me from running and It makes me run that little bit further. If you are looking to run that little bit faster, run through a dangerous neighborhood.. you won’t be able to take rests there. Just joking, stay safe whilst running!


Keep track of your runs on apps like Nike+. If you’re already on Nike+ then please add me to try and keep me motivated.


How to stay fit whilst travelling

An amazing run a long Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro




The best thing about walking everywhere when you travel is that it is free and no matter your current fitness levels everyone can do it. If you’re on a budget walking a couple of miles rather than taking a taxi will also save you so money.



Have an adventure and go and get lost whilst on a walk. You’ll see many more interesting things than you would just taking a sightseeing bus. My first time in New York; my friends and I walked close to 15 miles in one day. We would stop off at different places to have a quick drink or bite to eat, whilst ticking off all the major sight seeing destinations in New York; also seeing areas of Manhattan which I would have never seen whilst sitting on a sightseeing bus.


Go on Hike!


If you have a long lay over in an airport, then go for a walk around the airport. You’re probably going to be sitting on an airplane for a long period of time so go for an explore around the airport. Waste some time and get a little bit of exercise in. On a 6 hour lay over in Taiwan, I must have walked a good 3 miles going from one end of the airport to the other and back.





You don’t need to pack any fitness equipment. Simple exercises done correctly in a hotel room or in a park or on a beach will be very beneficial, but only if you put the effort in.


Lots of major cities around the world are putting up amazing fitness equipment in parks and beaches where you can do some pull ups and dips. But if you’re stuck in a hostel; press ups or squats holding my luggage or sit ups have worked well to keep my body ticking over.




OK you probably won’t win any body building competitions from these workouts, but my goal is to just maintain an ok physique and feel healthy.




Dehydration will mess you up. You’ll get headaches and feel sluggish and not want to work out. I love to drink and enjoy myself when I travel, so its even more important that I get some water inside me each day to stay hydrated.


This is a difficult one whilst abroad due to water in foreign countries being not safe to drink out of the tap and bottled water being expensive. This is why I would advise purchasing a water bottle with a filter for people travelling for long periods of time. Its more convenient than having to buy big bottles of water from shops each day.


I’d love to know what other things people do to help them stay fit whilst they travel. Please comment below and let me know…