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What is Travel Slice?

Travel Slice is a pizza inspired travel blog. It is my attempt to share my love for both seeing new places and eating as much pizza as humanly possible. I do not claim to be a travel expert or be the wisdom keeper of travel. This is just about my journeys and stories of my adventures along the way. I am a massive believer that people should  create and take their own path when they are traveling; not be told to follow someone else.

Who am I?

I’m Phil. I’m 28, from Liverpool and I grew up obsessed with maps, globes, pizza and remembering capital cities.

I first really got the urge to travel and see more of the world back in 2008. I was drunk on a beach in Cancun, Mexico and I had a moment where I couldn’t quite believe I was in such a beautiful place. Before going to Mexico, I hadn’t left Europe and the world felt like a huge place. I didn’t think I would have been able to visit such exotic places, but as soon as I got the taste for it I haven’t looked back.

The plan originally was to every now and then write about my previous travels. This was just for me and to hopefully read back over the years and get nostalgic. But I weirdly started to enjoy the process. I normally hated writing and putting together a simple email would take me hours – reading over and editing and then reading over again. 

I came up with the idea for a book for my 30th birthday. I made the goal that I wanted to visit 30 countries before I reached the age of 30. I came up with this goal in an attempt to motivate myself go and explore new places and countries, rather than just visit the same countries I knew and loved. The book was going to be called ’30 before 30′ and done in a scrapbook style with photos and stories from my travels. Thats when I decided to be brave and share my stories, thoughts and tips with the world on my own travel blog…


Why the name ‘Travel Slice’?

I’ve read travel blogs for years and I have seen some great whitty names and I’ve seen some dull names. But I wanted something to incorporate my two passions; pizza and travel. Travel Slice was the first thing that popped in to my head, it kind of made sense so I decided right then that was its name.

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