Best 5 Pizza Slices I’ve Had!

Hello World… I often get asked ‘What is your favourite pizza?’ or ‘If you could have any pizza in the world right now, what would it be?’ Well I whittled down all of thousands of slices of pizza which I have came up with a top 5 list:


5. American Pizza Slice. 

Location: Liverpool, England

American Pizza Slice

I have to put somewhere from my hometown in this list and this place fully deserves a spot. There absolutely is not enough pizza by the slice shops in Liverpool or England. The pizza in the place is consistently amazing. The best pizza in the shop is for sure ‘American Hot’, with crispy spicy salami and pepperoni. I love a crispy charred slice of pepperoni and this place always satisfies my needs when home.


4. Costco Pizza

Location: Seattle, USA

Costco Pizza

Controversial to throw a chain pizza in there, rather than go for the traditional Neapolitan pizzas. But I eat this pizza on a weekly basis whilst getting my groceries at Costco. It had to go in my list I eat it that often.

A little known fact is that Costco is America’s most popular pizza chain. It’s ahead of Dominos and Papa Johns for a reason. Its so ridiculously good and its only $9:95 (£6:50) for an 18inch masterpiece of astounding beauty.

Costco Pizza Slice


3. Oh Lala Villa

Location: Perhentian Kecil Island, Malaysia

oh lala villa pizza

I was amazed to find a pizza place on the beach on one of the smallest inhabited islands I have been on. There were barely 10 restaurants on this island, which merely had electricity for 12 hours a day. One of them to my ultimate delight was a pizzeria.

The pizzeria simply offered two types of pizza. A cheese pizza and a rotating daily special, which kept me going each night I spent on the island. This pizza was genuinely incredible. It didn’t look the most appetising, however it was so flavourful on a very thin and perfectly crisp base. It probably helped that I hadn’t touched pizza or anything that resembled a pizza for nearly 2 long weeks, due to travelling in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Oh lala villa

I’ve ate at some award winning famous pizzerias around the world, so it is funny that a pizza from a little shack on a deserted island would make my list. But it is true that simplicity is key to making pizza.


2. (Unknown)

Location: Phi Phi, Thailand

OK OK, this pizza probably does rank so high due to nostalgic reasons, rather than just taste. But those reasons make this pizza so rememberable and make me want to relive being back on Phi Phi; sat in bed eating my slice of pizza, whilst drinking a strawberry daiquiri bucket and getting ready to go out.

Phi Phi Pizza

I’ve been to the island of Phi Phi three times now. I quickly learned during the first visit that I needed to budget at least four slices of this 90baht pizza in to daily allowance. The small pizza shack is dangerously positioned on the road leading towards the main beach on Phi Phi. If you have been to Phi Phi then you will know of this place. I would have to walk past numerous times each day stopping myself from just buying a slice each time. I haven’t had much good pizza in Thailand; this is unquestionably the best I had there.



1. Front Street Pizza

Location: Brooklyn New York

New York is known to have some of the best pizza in the world and also some of the worst. I have emphatically tried to insert as much New York pizza inside me, during the short windows I have been there.

Front Street Pizza1

I stumbled across this place whilst looking for a park in Brooklyn after a 13-mile walk through Manhattan and across the Brooklyn Bridge. Just to check I wasn’t in a delusional state of hunger and lack of pizza during my first eat at this pizzeria; I return every time I’m back in New York.

Front Street Pizza

The pizza place is a block away from Main Street Park/Brooklyn Bridge Park, so it perfect to enjoy whilst looking over some of the most breath taking views of Manhattan.



Have you ate any of these pizzerias? Do you disagree? Let me know if I missed out any big pizzas out there and comment below…

  • Jeff Wilkin

    Try real, memorable pizza in the French Alps! The French have the great cheese options, and my thin crust pizza had even a curry beef type topping. I travel and taste all over this Western Hemisphere, but my pizza at Le BBA in Crolles just northeast of Grenoble was simply phenomenal … Who needs to drive over the mountains?!! I did and actually was disappointed with the ‘real’ lasagna in Torino.

  • Elizabeth Visci

    If you make your way back to the US you have to stop by Eataly in Chicago. Best pizza I’ve ever had, and like you, I’ve traveled around and always look for a good pizza to order. Definitely worth it to check it out 🙂

    • That sounds amazing. I am back in the US now, so might have to make a Chicago trip soon! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • As the other commentor noted below, you have to visit Southern Italy before making a top 5.

    My two top pizza outlets (and I have been to a few across the globe) are 1) Da Michele in Napoli and 2) Tony’s in San Francisco.

    Disclosure: I did not rate pizza in New York, but did not visit Front Street Pizza, so will try that next time.

    • I’ve had Tonys in San Fran and really enjoyed it. I need to get to Napoli for sure, and check out some proper Italian pizza

  • Catherine

    You can’t make a top 5 without having been to Italy!

    • its definitely on my list to visit