10 of the Best Pizza Places in New York

Best Pizza in New York

I had 36 hours in New York to hunt down the best pizza in New York and managed to get myself in 10 of the best or most recommended pizza places. Not bad averaging a slice just over every few hours.


I spent hours researching and asked as many people as I could for the best recommendations. The travel site Trippy was a goldmine for good recommendations and I found this the best place to put the word out and get as much feedback as I could from the locals. Here is how those 36 hours were hunting down the 10 best Slices of Pizza in New York.



Slice and Co. Brick Oven Pizza

I start the journey at this pizza place on 6th Ave. I’m hung-over, I have just got off the train at Penn Station and I’m carrying around a heavy backpack in Manhattan. I was desperate – but not desperate enough to just eat in any old pizza shop. Walking to the Subway on 6th Ave, I had popped my head in 3 or 4 other pizza places. But their pizza didn’t quite look at a high enough standard to take up VALUBLE pizza space in my stomach. I only had 36 hours to find the best pizza in New York, so strategy was important.

Best Pizza in New York

The Slice and Co pizza was good. Most pizza is good. This was just good. I’d not recommend trying to find this place yourself. But if you are hungry and find yourself walking past it, then go and get some inside you. The cheese was slightly greasy, but overall it went down vey well.



Lombardis- Little Italy

This is a restaurant, so couldn’t just get myself a slice to try. I loved the restaurant though. You could tell it had been there years and the waiter walked me in and out of small tight corridors to get to our table. That’s something I love about these old buildings in New York. Its not always just a big open space with fancy lighting.

Best Pizza in New York

At first I didn’t think the pizza looked as good as what people had said about the place. I like my cheese to have a slight crispy caramelisation to it. This looked slightly plastic. But I was wrong. This was a great start to my New York pizza journey. So rich in flavor.

New York Pizza Blog-3 Best Pizza in New York


Prince Street Pizza

Here we go.. Pepperoni and loads of it!!! This had a massive hype before going. I seen this name knocking around in most blogs I had read and my friend who recently moved to New York, named this as his favourite.

Best Pizza in New York

The pepperoni is the best part of the pizza. It is crisp, slightly burned and so so greasey. Just little bowls of pepperoni grease. Some people may turn their noses up at this.. But this is good grease. The kind of grease you would take acne for. The crust wasn’t my favorite, as it was slightly tough and thick. Overall very nice and filling. Needed a lie down after this slice.

Best Pizza in New York

Best Pizza in New York

Dollar Pizza

Dollar Pizza is everywhere in New York. I wanted to try this to compare with the other places I managed to get to. It actually is pretty good. Possibly the least tastey in this list. But for a dollar, you cannot complain.


Best Pizza in New York


This pizza is just ok. I was 4 slices in and had a load of beer before trying this, so my data collection isn’t as reliable as I would hope. But 36 hours trying to find the best pizza in New York, means that some pizza will be ate whilst my belly is bursting with beer and pizza.

Best Pizza in New York

Not much to write about. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if this was my daily pizza slice for my dinner, but I wouldn’t go out my way to find it.


Diveria – Williamsburg

Originally I had walked to Paulie Gees as I had heard that pizza place was amazing. But unfortunately that place was shut when I got there. Why didn’t I plan ahead!! If you have been to Paulie Gees, then please comment and let me know if I did miss out?

New York Pizza Blog-12 Best Pizza in New York

The plan next was to find a new place and fast. I jumped on Yelp and had a look through what was close. This seemed to have a good reviews so I pretty much ran as I need some lunch pronto.


This pizza place easily had the best crust. Crunchy, but so fluffy and airy with great flavor. As I had stuck to either Pepperoni or just cheese, I treated my taste buds to a spicy pizza. Which was amazing. Could really taste the quality in the ingredients.



Joes Pizza- Williamsburg

Now this is exactly what I think about when I think of New York Pizza. A thin slice perfectly triangle. A crispy slightly burned base – chewy flavorful crust – soft chewy cheese and tomato combination. I could have eaten a whole large one of these. It’s a shame I didn’t have a longer time in New York and wasn’t saving space in my belly for the rest of the day.

New York Pizza Blog-14

Best Pizza in New York

Artichoke Pizza

My friend assured me that I had to go and wouldn’t be disappointed. He was given me pizza advice in the past so I trusted him. I still trust him, as he got this place spot on. It is amazing. Truly amazing. The type of pizza which makes me question possibly moving to New York.

New York Pizza Blog-18

Best Pizza in New York

Crocodile Lounge

I hadn’t heard of the place during my extensive research. But then whilst in New York I heard that you get a free pizza with every drink you buy. You don’t hear about these things often, so HAD to go and check it out. I was positive that some sneaker fucker had been lying to me. It is true though. A personal sized pizza for free with every drink that you buy. Please someone show me somewhere else in the world that would have such an amazing bar. Only New York.

Best Pizza in New York

File 13-12-2015, 12 26 11

Front Street Pizza

My first and my favorite pizza place in New York. The selection in the shop is unreal and it is all high quality. The pizza is good, but the location is better. My favorite thing to do whilst in New York is to get some pizza from here and then walk 2 minutes to the close by park and take in the unreal skyline whilst eating spectacular pizza.

New York Pizza Blog-15

Best Pizza in New York

That is my New York. Forget Central Park – forget Times Square – forget the Empire State. This is the best thing to do whilst in New York.

Did I miss any places you think has the best pizza in New York? Please let me know in the comments below…




  • Even though I don’t really like American pizza, the pizza from Artichoke Pizza looks so delicious. I’ve never tried it, but will definitely go there soon.

  • Looks soooo delicious!

  • andybranca@yahoo.com

    Grimaldis on Front Street under the Brooklyn Bridge and Angelo’s Pizza 117 W. 57th. Both are great

    • Do Grimaldis do slices? Because I was trying to hit a load of places in a short time.. getting a whole pizza was stomach space consuming

  • That’s pretty impressive! Looks like you managed to go to all of the awesome places and with so little time! Now I’m hungry…

    • Your NYC pizza recommendations were perfect! Thank You!