How I thought I became instagram famous!

People think Instagram is all about selfies and food porn. But I not only use instagram for those two things – it also is easily one of the best ways to get some travel inspiration. But don’t get too disappointed when you search somewhere you have been and everyone else’s photo is much, much cooler than yours!

 As soon as I book flights somewhere, I am straight on Instagram searching the most popular hash tags and getting myself very excited.

 Even better, I use Instagram as a travel tool. It is THE most up to date information you can get on a rural destination, unless you have a mate there who you can ring. When planning for a hike up in the PNW in spring, you sometimes can’t be sure if the trail still has snow on it or if its accessible.

Instagram has changed that with a quick search of a hash tag to see what’s going in that spot. I recently bumped in to a couple from San Diego whilst on the Vance Creek Bridge who told me that they had found the place on Instagram. As they had heard the whispers that the bridge had been closed down or that people couldn’t access the bridge – they had checked Instagram the days leading to their trip to see if people where still posting photos of the place.

I bookmark everything travel or pizza related that I can get my hands on, on the internet – which I read or check up on when I’m bored. I was looking through the travel section on the Business Insider, who has good articles every now and then. ‘’The most instagrammed places in each State’’ popped up and I was intrigued.

I was more intrigued to whether I had been to many of these ‘most photographed places in each state’ at the time, but was keen to see what made it to the top of the list in Washington. I scrolled down and down and down and finally got to Washington. And yep I was correct, it was the Space Needle was the most instagrammed place in Washington State.. But hang on – THAT’S MY PHOTO!



They had used my photograph I had posted of the Space Needle a week prior. I was so excited and yes it sounds sad – but I was very proud of myself. I haven’t taken that many good photographs with the new Sony A6000, so forone to be recognized and chosen to be used filled me with elation. I couldn’t wait to tell my mum back in England – who probably doesn’t understand what Instagram is.













  • Jessie Black

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