How to have fun in Riga, Latvia


Nothing better encapsulated my weekend trip to Riga than being welcomed warmly in to a small discreet pub off a quiet street in Riga old town, by a kind Russian man with his hair most definitely cut by his wife with a knife and fork.  This Russian barman happily gave us huge shots of vodka to accompany our less than a dollar priced beers. There is obviously more to Riga and these newly accessible Baltic cities, but beer and vodka before midday is wonderful. I hope you enjoy my short RigaTravel Blog.



I’m not particularly a big fan of guns, but I was once amazing at the xbox game Call of Duty and I was great with all the guns on there. I suppose I have always wondered what its like to shoot an actual real life gun, so took advantage of it being cheap and in a pretty cool location. The gun range cost us around £30 for 3 guns and probably around 10 bullets in each gun. But the location was the coolest part. It was located in an underground bunker in the snidest part of Riga – and was ran by a once champion female shooter in the Russian Games. The type of woman with a firm back pat.  She ensured none of us got too carried away and started swinging our guns about, but still let us pose for loads of photos and videos.





The overall experience was enjoyable and I would definitely advise people who haven’t shot a gun before to try it. Would I do it again? Naa probably not, but good to tick off the bucket list.


When choosing a hostel anywhere in the world. Ensure you pick one with a security rating of over 90% – a bar – and the one in the city with the weirdest name. If you want to have a drink and enjoy Riga, then I urge you to stay at ‘The Naughty Squirrel’ and it was magnificent. It was early December so we weren’t expecting many people around, but this hostel was booming. Loads of interesting people from different places, who all were up for a chat and a drink. Couldn’t recommend this hostel more highly – I wish more European hostels had the same atmosphere.

I didn’t find much Pizza in knocking about in Riga unfortunately. I had late night drunk missions to find an open Pizza shop at 2am in he morning, but was terribly unsuccessful. When asking a shifty looking character on a street corner, where the nearest pizza shop was; he ushered me away and bullied me in to going to a Turkish kebab place. Probably because he was successful in bullying me the first time, he tried bullying me in to buying him a kebab for the gratitude of showing me the place. But I wont be bullied – especially if he didn’t help me find pizza. So if you want to really enjoy you trip to Riga, then avoid this man. He will bully you and you wont end up with pizza.


Recap on things to do, to ensure you have the best time possible in Riga:

  • Stay in the Naughty Squirrel Hostel
  • Drink beer and vodka before midday
  • Go and shoot some old Russian guns
  • Avoid shifty looking men


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  • This is the most important travel guide we’ve read. We all need to come together and stand up to bullies who won’t give us pizza.

    -pizza and champagne

  • It looks like you had a fun weekend in Riga. I’ve never visited there before, but I would really like to someday. I’ve never been to a shooting range before… It looks like it could be fun, though!

    – Maddy @