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Dublin, Dublin, Dublin. I tried so hard to think of something amazing about the city. I really did try to be positive, but I just don’t think it offers the same as other main European capitals. There’s nothing wrong with that, but as one of the most expensive cities in Europe, I’d prefer to spend my money elsewhere. Somewhere with more to do and see.

Ok, Ok Dublin is pretty. I’ll give you that Ireland.

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Christchurch Dublin

Christchurch Dublin

Both the times I have been to Dublin have been over the Christmas period. Both of those times it snowed heavily and both of those times I was very cold. I’m not scared of the cold. I follow the rule that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. Fact.


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A very cold Dublin

The first time I went, was for New Years Eve. Spending New Years in a foreign country is essential for me, so I was happy to go and see what Dublin had to offer especially as its just a short 40 minute flight from Liverpool.

Here is a good and pretty insightful guide to Dublin which I like. Probably will give you a bit more info than my post.

I have nothing amazing to share or nothing dreadful to share for people to avoid. So here is a short story from the first time I visited Dublin.

My Dublin Pizza Experience

I wasn’t as big in to researching my pizza when I visited Dublin which is a shame, as I was kind of let down by what I had. I was told this place had the best Italian food so surely I’d be getting some good pizza. The pizza was average. Very distinctly average.

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Dublin Pizza

My Dublin Disaster

I didn’t book the hotels, but a friend recommended that we stayed near Lansdowne Road Stadium because of prices. There were around 10 guys I knew going on this trip, so didn’t see the need to step in and suggest staying closer to the center. In hindsight, this was stupid. No one wants to walk back to a hotel on New Years Eve at 4am.

The night was average. The bars were cheesy and very over priced. One barman tried charging me 47euros for 3 vodka lemonades. That just doesn’t work out mathematically. He didn’t understand why I was so confused, so had to leave that bar.

As the night went on; our group got smaller and smaller and I ended up on my own pretty drunk, cuddling hold of my pizza in an attempt to try and stay warm.

Like anywhere, getting a taxi on New Years is impossible. To make things worse, there was a snow blizzard happening and no cars wanted to be out there on the road. It wasn’t the cute picturesque kind of snow. This snow was freezing over, as it was that cold. This was the bastard of the snow types.

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Should have checked the weather forecast before choosing my outfit!

I had to keep moving around before I froze my nipples off, as I wasn’t dressed for appropriately for a storm. A thin blazer and slippery shoes weren’t doing a very good job at protecting me from the elements. So I kept moving. Although I like to pride myself on my navigational skills and ability with directions, tonight I let myself down. I guessed a direction to walk in, going off less than 24 hours of being in the city. But the direction felt right and I did have to keep moving. I knew that the hotel was a couple of miles away so walked as fast as I could along the slippery ice.

I saw a sign.. ‘stadia’ and an arrow pointing in the direction I was walking. Maybe I was good at directions after all. I walked for what felt like an eternity, until then I saw this big huge stadium in the distance. I had made it. All I could think about, was that I was so close to being warm in bed. Maybe some of my friends had brought back pizza. Who knew? But I was excited.

As I got closer to the stadium, two guys were across the road. I shouted ‘’is that Lansdowne Road mate’’. They laughed at me and muttered some Irish noise. I carried on walking, but I as got closer I started to doubt myself. It didn’t look like the stadium I had seen in the day.

It was Croke Park. I had walked in the wrong direction and ended up at a stadium the other side of town. I was distraught and cold.


I had no cellphone service and there were no taxis about. There wasn’t much I could do, apart from walk back. The longest and coldest night of my life.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Dublin disaster.

Have you been to Dublin? Have a better Dublin experience? Let me know in the comments below…

Cold and ready for home!

Cold and ready for home!

  • the weather in Dublin is unexpected as usual. Remember me were coming to Dublin in snowing only in sweater.

  • Ohhh no! Now you have us worried about our visit to Dublin! It’ll be in August, so it won’t be cold like it was during your trips, but hopefully we can find something to love about Dublin! Also, I love what you said about how there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices. Ha! So true.
    Also, Mauricio replied to your comment on our blog, but here are his NYC pizza recommendations in case you didn’t see it: Prince St. Pizza, Motorino, Artichoke Pizza, Roberta’s Pizza, and Best Pizza! Enjoy your trip to NYC!

    • I’m sure you will have a great time in Dublin. It is pretty and the people there are unique.

      Thanks for the Pizza recommendations. I already have a couple of them on my must eat list, so I will for sure add the other ones. Thanks