How to get to Vance Creek Bridge | Washington

Disclaimer: this is on private property. This is for informational purposes only. Please do not visit without permission of the owners. When I visited I was unaware that I did not need permission, but have been informed since.

After over a year of talking about going to this bridge, I finally made it there.

 Vance Creek Bridge

Vance Creek Bridge or ‘That PNW Bridge’’ was a local secret for years until Instagram got its hands on it and everyone in the PNW wanted to go and check it out. It got that popular back in 2014 that they had to close it down.

The bridge isn’t owned by the government, but is located on private property meaning if you go to the bridge; you are trespassing. It’s sad that it is classed as trespassing to go see and walk along the bridge, as it is easily one of the most stunning attractions in the Pacific North West. The logging company who own the bridge and land are apparently very strict on trespassing and tickets have been given. They have made an attempt to block off pathways to the bridge by cutting down trees and placing them across the path. However, this just added a grander sense of adventure whilst finding ‘ that PNW Bridge’.


Vance Creek Bridge Lone on bridge

Vance Creek Bridge Lone on bridge-2

However the fact it is shut and people are scared that their car may be towed if they do go, keeps a big mystique about the place. And also keeps it quieter with less people. I went on a Monday morning and we had the bridge to ourselves for an hour.

Part of the attraction of the bridge is the danger. You can feel that it is nearly 100 years old and you can feel the frail wood, with wide gaps in between leading to 347ft of just openness. There aren’t handrails to stop you from falling or any signs of rebuilding the yard long gaps you really have to step over.

How to get to Vance Creek Bridge

How to get to Vance Creek Bridge

Petrified at first to sit on the edge

Petrified at first to sit on the edge


Took a couple of minutes to get used to. But well worth it!

Took a couple of minutes to get used to. But well worth it!

Vance Creek Bridge Holding Hands


How to get to That PNW Bridge…

Search ‘Vance Creek Viaduct’ on Google maps and it will take you to the road were the entrances are. As mentioned, it is illegal so you are leaving your car on the side of the road with the chance of being ticketed.

Drive past NF-2341/2199(which has a 800 sign and a gate blocking it) onto the paved road. Drive the paved road for roughly 300 yards and immediately on your left, the first left you see with a trail, is the short path. It has a ditch to keep cars out.

The trail is full of small chopped down trees for about a mile and shouldn’t be a tough hike at all, unless you are a complete moron. If you find the trail tough, you don’t deserve to see the bridge.

Making my way along the path

Making my way along the path



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  • Anna

    I tried to find the bridge, and I’m pretty sure I drove to where you are saying but then I got extremely lost in the woods, which path is it to the bridge?

    • The bridge has been torn down now sadly

      • Anna

        Can you still go there to look at it? Or is there nothing left?

  • Misty

    How do you get permission to get on the property?

    • ods

      I was wondering the same thing

      • Magneto

        Permission… Act first, apologize later…at worst its a fine

  • beautiful!!!

  • Timbo2510

    This is amazing

  • Phil

    If you have visited recently. Let me know how the access is at the moment..